Mistas Takeout LLC

About Mistas Takeout LLC

Based in Long Island Mista’s is the brainchild of Corey Ellis aka Mista Man. who started off as a Music Producer, working with artist such as Jon B, Changing faces, Jazz of Dru Hill and 3X Grammy Award Winners The Product G&B.

Mista’s Takeout was born after Mista Man created Beats and Eats. While serving up hot tracks for the artist, he decided to also serve up hot meals. These meals got a lot of compliments and, from there, he began catering small events then a food truck and now our 263 Babylon Turnpike, Roosevelt NY location.

At Mista’s Takeout, we know that food is the best way to bring people together. This is why we are so passionate about creating a completely unique culinary experience that combines the best ingredients and soul food you know and love with a completely innovative and creative twist. Whether you’re looking for Cîroc Peach Cobbler Wings’ Sour Apple Jack Wings or General Tso’s fish, Mista’s Takeout is dedicated to ensuring our customers get a completely new experience. We’re passionate about flavor and this is evident in our creations. We have built a menu that brings our clients a perfect fusion of traditional soul food and modern interpretations using the finest local ingredients at a great price.

We take customer satisfaction incredibly seriously. In fact, we consider it our most important marker of success. If you want advice on the best choice, Mista is always happy to find what’s right for you. We love our menu and believe it is as close to perfect as possible. However, we know that there are many customers with dietary restrictions and we are more than happy to accommodate this. Let us know when you book or when speaking to a member of a staff so we can ensure your health, happiness and safety.

If you’re looking for a takeout place that’s truly special, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mista’s Takeout. We’re open Tuesday to Sunday and are always happy to cater local events.