Mistas Takeout LLC


Our menu boasts some old classics along with new and exciting dishes that are sure to be your new favorites.

We take customer satisfaction incredibly seriously, which is why we work hard to always bring you the best in innovative creations and great customer service.

Try one of our signature Delectables, Lasagne Cupcakes or Jerk chicken eggrolls that truly reflect our soul food style and make sure you get your hands on our undeniable sides. We don’t mean to brag but our desserts are truly outstanding. Our Better Than Sex Cake is a real crowd pleaser and, according to some of our regulars, really does live up to its name. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Mista’s Sticky Henny Sauce while you’re here!

No matter what piques your interest, when you come to Mista’s you know you’re going to have a great meal. We love combining seafood and soul food as well as adding new creative flair and touch to our dishes. If you like chicken wings, you’ll love our Sticky Henny Wings.

In addition to our takeout services, we offer catering at a great price. From church groups to family gatherings, you’ll find the right choice when you order from us.

Here at Mista’s Takeout, we love the authenticity of our menu and believe it is as close to perfect as possible. However, we know that there are many customers with dietary restrictions and we are more than happy to accommodate this. Let us know when you book or when speaking to a member of a staff so we can ensure your health, happiness and safety.

If you like the sound of our food, come and place an order today. We’re open Tuesday-Sunday and we’re always happy to help you discover your new favorite dish.